Vijay Kelkar

Mr. Vijay Kelkar was a renowned astrologer throughout Maharashtra. During his career as an astrologer he consistently strived to change the perspective of Indian astrology by giving it a modern and a scientific approach. He was the son of very well known astrologer, Late Shri. Shridhar K. Kelkar of Pune.

Astrology was his pursuit from a young age which made him rank 1st in "Jyotish Pradnya" at the age of 14. He was the youngest columnist (at the age of 24) on astrology in "The Youth Times", a fortnightly publication of The Times of India Group (1974-1978). Even after being a successful management entrepreneur, it was his keenness in astrology that made Shri. Vijay Kelkar establish a landmark in this field.

He had a large clientele corroborating for his guidance, and had an outstanding track record of making accurate predictions. His articles and columns were published in magazines and newspapers. He had been making weekly forecast predictions for "Lokprabha", a publication of "The Indian Express" since 1979. Lokprabha commands the highest circulation among Marathi weeklies. He also compiled and edited special issues on astrology for this magazine during 1996, 1997 & 1998. He also has to his credit forecasts made related to investment and business/career prospects for "Outlook Money" magazine belonging to “Outlook Group”. He has authored a book "Tumchyasathi Jyotish" in Marathi language, published by Nitin Prakashan, Pune. His yearly pocket books for each zodiac sign are a big success and are available in many of the leading book stores in the country.

He had two successful shows running "Jodi Tujhi Majhi" (which aimed to provide an insight into all the aspects related to match making) and "Disha Career Chya" (a first of its kinds career guidance show which allowed one to make the right choice when choosing a career). He had, and even today has, a huge fan following from "Vedh Bhavishyacha" an exclusive section where Mr. Vijay Kelkar made daily and weekly predictions for all the 12 moon-signs.