22-28 July 2018 (As per moon-signs)

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1 Aries (मेष) 7 Libra (तूळ)
2 Taurus (वृषभ) 8 Scorpio (वृश्चिक)
3 Gemini (मिथुन) 9 Sagittarius (धनु)
4 Cancer (कर्क) 10 Capricorn (मकर)
5 Leo (सिंह) 11 Aquarius (कुंभ)
6 Virgo (कन्या) 12 Pisces (मीन)
Total Lunar eclipse will occur on 27 July 2018. This lunar eclipse will be visible in Asia, Australia, Africa, Europe and South America. This is the longest eclipse of the year lasting for about 103 mins. Pregnant, aged, sick people should take care of their health and follow the rituals of the eclipse to avoid nuisance.