Frequently Asked Questions

Consultation types (in-person or online or on-call)

Topic-wise predictions

Principle concern at the present moment - as an e.g.: If you have queries related to family problems, marriage, your career, health problems etc., each of these would be treated as a different topic and would be charged differently (per topic). However you can ask any number of questions per person per consultation per topic. Be aware that queries related to business are charged at a different cost than the normal topics mentioned above since these involve making important decisions related to mergers, de-mergers, partnerships, acquisitions etc.

Time taken for topic-wise predictions: 30 mins. (approx.)

Full Reading

Here we cover a life span (of about 70 years) and would provide you the details like: your lucky color, stone, number along with all the topics mentioned in the per-topic basis predictions. Additionally, we would also answer all your specific queries if these dont get covered in our topics. Moreover, if you decide to meet in-person or consult online, we would provide you with a written copy/e-mail about the highlighting or important aspects about your life as suggested at the time of your appointment. Be aware that charges for a normal full reading and those pertaining to questions related to business are different since it involves taking important decisions.

Time taken for a full reading: 1 hour (approx.)


For match-making, horoscopes (kundali's) of both the prospective bride and the groom to be, is needed. Each horoscope will be charged separately.

Time taken for match-making: 30 mins. (approx.)

Payments - (Bank transfers and Demand Draft's)**

1. All the payments should be made through DD or bank transfers.

2. For online or oncall consultation, queries will be answered only after the receipt of payment. Payment for in-person consultations will be taken at the time of appointment.

3. Along with the questions/ queries make sure to provide us the details such as:

  • Your family background
  • Educational qualification
  • Present job etc.
  • Any other details related to the problems that you are facing.

This information will guide us in providing you with accurate predictions.

4. For replies by e-mail, please allow us atleast 25-30 working days' timefor replying to your queries after the receipt of your payment.

5. Please note that in case of Per Topic questions, once your query has been replied for the first time, any new questions would be charged separately.

**Please consult us before sending the DD, or conducting a bank transfer.

The DD should be in the favour of:

Mr.Vijay Kelkar

Plot No 44, Mahatma Society,

Behind Gandhi Bhavan,


Pune - 4110038

Mobile No: (+91) 9422006126

Online consultation

For online consultation you will have to choose from the prediction type as mentioned above and pay us our charges prior to consultation. For doing this, you will have to contact us on +91 9422006126 and provide us with date, time and place of birth along with the query and brief background about yourself.


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